Nazik Ameziane“To the first impact with a paint of Roman landscape of Nazik Ameziane I would have seen a ceramics domes of intense city and of cuspidor minarets if they not they had stated for the two notice wagons of the winged victories that to turn right of the paint is imposed on the horizon.

In fact Nazik gate from Morocco and they melt with the city when today lives and operate upon someone the enchantment of the Islamic world; and his reds are not [scipioneschi] neither [mafaiani], but lightings of the luminosity that set fire him/her/it boundless horizons of the Sahara ;the vermilion of the majolica’s of Fez. Because in his paint Nazik coins the enchantment of the mythical Marrakech with the beauty of a civilization other, but not extraneous, that as that of its/his/her country is wet from the same Mediterranean sea, country mirror where they bloomed civilization among the more tall and inimitable of the history of the man.”


Pittura innovativa